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Return Policy

All of our goods come with a 100% Fitment Guarantee from PartsGalaxy. We also guarantee that every order will be delivered to your door. One may return his order under the following conditions if the item has any issues regarding fitment, manufacturing, or Shipping:-

  1. Fitment Concern:- If the received item is not properly fitted, or if you receive a product for a different vehicle or with different requirements, we will replace or exchange it at your choice.
  1. Manufacturing Defect:- If your delivered product has any manufacturing defect, then this will only be exchanged.
  1. Defect in Shipping:- We always ensure that all of our orders are packed properly and firmly; however, if the products you received have any faults from poor management, we'll exchange them.

If there is any fitment issue with your purchase or orders, or if the product you received is faulty. Your order can be returned, exchanged, or refunded with no problem. After the product is delivered, any return or exchange actions must be undertaken within 14 days. After 14 Days, there will be no returns or exchanges. Please send the unused item back in its original packaging, ensuring there are no grease or oil stains. Place a return request and pack your product.

Return Shipping:- In cases where it is possible, we will arrange for return pickup. However, under extremely rare circumstances, you can be required to book the item through a nearby, reputable courier.

Process for Exchange or Refund:- We will recheck the issue after receiving the product at our facility. We won't begin the refund or exchange process without receiving the used item. Following receipt of the item, we will proceed as follows:-

Manufacturing Defect:- If the manufacturer additionally confirms that the product has a manufacturing defect. After that, you can choose to receive a new product or have your money refunded.

Shipping Defect:- If there were a problem with the product while it was in transit, we'd replace it with a new one. You might ask us to provide you with the damaged part so you can send us a return. However, in most circumstances, a replacement product will be sent in place of the damaged one.

Fitment Issue:- Although we always verify that every order is compatible with the vehicle if a fitment issue does arise, we will send a new product after receiving the old one.

Parts Galaxy excludes all obligations for any improper fund transfers made with refunds resulting from the customer's incorrect information. The accuracy of the data given shall be the customer's responsibility.